Every generation has its own definition of success that guided the motives of the people of that generation. Nowadays, success equated to the amount of money you have in your bank account, the kind of car you drive, what your house looks like, the luxury items in that house and what their dollar signs are.

In this time, it seems that success is about ‘more,’ having more of everything regardless of whether you actually need it or not.

If this is you, then your life is not yours, not really. You have forfeited the control of your life to a system that validates you based on what you have or otherwise. Because of this, you’re busy acquiring things you do not need with money you do not have while in some cases, lacking things that are actually required for you.

And this is where budgeting comes in. This is very simply allocating your money to your needs and wants. It helps you follow the money, and you have a clear understanding of where your money is going.

Life happens to all of us. Imagine that it happens and you’re caught so off-guard because there is nothing for you to fall back on concerning your finance?

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