Ten Simple Steps Please

This will change everything in your entire planetary realm. Look, Learn, Leap for joy.

Minimize Stress

You will learn 10 Simple Things that will help minimize the stress you carry from day to day.


Learn how to recognize stress triggers and solutions.


Learn stress management techniques that will help you live each day less burdened.

Building Steps

Learn multiple steps to build into a solid stress management plan.

Simple Wisdom

Be reminded of the simple things you already know which when implemented can simplify your over-stressed world.

Stress Coaster

Learn to enjoy the ride by managing your fears.

10 Simple Steps Is Changing Lives

Practical & Insightful

This is one book you need in your library. The simple steps are truly applicable to everyday life. So often we overlook the simple things and gravitate toward the complex to bring healing in our lives. Stress can and will kill you. This book is an excellent read with immediate practical application.

Rev. Dr. A’Shellarien Lang

Sampling of Steps To Minimize Stress

Take An Honest Look At Life

Know who you are, what you want and then begin to tailor your life in that direction. Too many people are too busy going nowhere. They are always busy, frantic and occupied. They seem always to have one project or the other in the pipeline, but there is no substance and no control. They have a lot of activities going on, but there is no direction; they are on a speeding train to nowhere.

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